Achievement and SIP

Measures of Student Achievement and Success

  • Regular ongoing assessment and evaluation in all curriculum areas
  • Student–led conferences
  • Grade 7 and 8 students select goals for each term in collaboration with their teachers and parents/guardians. They then work towards the targets for improvement that they have set.
  • EQAO test administered to grades 3 and 6 students
  • Grades 1-3 PM Benchmarks and GB+ Reading Assessments
  • Grades 4-8 CASI Reading Assessments
  • Report Cards/ Interviews

School Improvement Plans and Initiatives

The members of the teaching staff at Jack Donohue PS participate in school improvement planning for student achievement. The highlights of our plan are listed below:

In discussions with parents/guardians, school staff and Board personnel including representation from our Learning Support Department as well as the Business and Learning Technology Department, we are targeting the curriculum focus in Language in the area of Writing; specifically curriculum area of Point of View. We contend that this is a critical skill for students as we are hoping to have students develop their abilities to use their knowledge of form and style in writing to reflect, become more self-aware, develop respect, empathy, consideration of others, and increase their critical thinking skills. We also hope to build student capacity in the area of Wellness aligning the WELL Board Improvement Plan for Student Achievement (BIPSA) to our students. Specifically we hope to enhance safe, caring and respectful learning and working environments. We have also introduced Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) for students this year. Our aim is to enhance students’ Digital Citizenship skills.

Teachers will continue to implement effective instructional and assessment practices and will work towards the goals that they have set for themselves in their Annual Learning Plans. Teachers will observe, share and model effective practices and strategies, while planning curriculum with grade level partners and division members. We are implementing the use of common assessment and evaluation strategies and looking at student results as a group in order to develop a more standardized approach to our teaching, assessment and evaluation practices. Our SIPSA outlines intended student learning and questions to facilitate our learning.

Communication and correspondence between home and school continue to be very important to us. A Meet the Teacher evening for parents and guardians is held in the fall. The main method of communication throughout the year will be the student agenda. Many staff communicate with parents/guardians through class websites and e-mails. Teachers are also encouraged to send out regular newsletters.

Throughout the year, our students will continue to present their achievements to their parents/guardians and set goals for improvement.

The staff at Jack Donohue P.S. uses the OCDSB’s Community of Character wheel and supports its guiding premise “Educating for Success-Inspiring Learning and Building Citizenship”. We embed character education in all facets of our work with the students.

School Learning Plan

During the school year 2015-2016, our academic School Learning Plan focus is Mathematics; specifically in the Number Sense and Numeration Strand. This is a new focus for our school.

If we incorporate the Number Talks approach for 5-10 minutes a day, then we will see an increase in students’ ability to understand number relationships as demonstrated through their oral ability to express the strategies they use to problem solve. The three over-riding outcomes of Number Talks include: students having a better understanding of numbers, number relations and efficiency of computation, providing opportunities for students to practice and engage in communication with students (listening and responding) and providing opportunity for teachers to know where students are at with respect to their understanding.

Every teacher who teaches math will be doing Number Talks on a daily basis. Staff who do not teach math will be focusing on the instructional strategy called “Accountable Talk”. We want to create a talking environment for robust student to student discourse. This will shift the dynamics from teacher listening and interacting with just one student at a time, to everyone listening to each other and contributing.

The Resource Team will also be delivering Number Talks to students who are on a modified math program in primary/junior grades or have been presented as having significant gaps in the Number Sense strand by their teachers.

Our Wellness School Learning Plan will target decreasing anxiety/increasing resiliency in students. The Kindergarten team is focusing on enhancing students’ self-regulation. Specifically, are students able to recognize how their bodies and minds are feeling? What do students need to feel good? Activity Centers have been set up for students to access to practice breathing and yoga practices. The Primary team continue to focus on conflict resolution program Walk Away, Ignore, Talk it Out and Seek Help (WITS). Junior and Intermediate staff will focus on increasing students’ abilities to conduct body scans/self-reflection activities.

To engage our families, Dr. Jennifer Karp will be presenting on Wednesday, April 13 from 7:00p.m. to 8:30 p.m. in the gym. Her presentation concerns target strategies that families can incorporate to raise resilient children. As well, the resource Kids Can Cope: Parenting Resilient Children at Home and at School was distributed to each family. Each staff member was also provided a copy.

Jack Donohue P.S. is also participating in a District pilot project called, “Developing Resilient, Active and Flourishing Students”. The pilot will runs in all English grade 4 through 8 classes for 16 weeks. The author of the resources, Linda Miller will be training staff on the delivery of the program. We are anticipating a start time in April 2016.

Our intermediate students are also participating in Mental Health Presentations by Rideauwood Addiction and Family Services. There is a total of 3 sets of presentations.

Our Public Health Nurse is also training our Grade 8 students on Healthy Transitions. This is a mental health promotional program on: bouncing back from difficult situations, how to communicate effectively with parents/guardians, friends and teachers, coping/handling worries and stress and how and where to get help if needed. Grade 7 teachers are training grade 7 students.

Students in grades 4 and 5 continue to benefit from the experiences from Good Life. Fitness, yoga and dance are being taught.

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